About Us

Hi there! I am Kunjan, the interior designer and stylist behind An Affair With Color. All my life, I have been super passionate about colors and textures. In general, I am a huge believer in surrounding oneself with things that radiate happiness. My love for decor and lifestyle accessories is an extension of that philosophy. 

I live in a beautiful home in the heart of San Francisco with my lovely husband, Nakul. Our home is constantly evolving and always an ongoing project. We love our little backyard and the gorgeous city view! 

My style is modern eclectic with a flair for organic. A die hard fan of flea markets, I believe in designing a home that is effortlessly unique and shares your story; a home that is warm and inviting, and that truly reflects who you are!

I founded An Affair With Color to create happy spaces for my clients to live and work at. I work with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York, and design homes as well as work spaces. 

So if you're interested in colors and decor, drop me a hello here!

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